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Podcaster Affiliate Program

Soundcheck iRadio – Podcast Affiliate Program

Podcast Affiliate Program Description

Soundcheck Media Group has opportunities for podcasters to place their programs on one or more stations within The Soundcheck iRadio Network. The Soundcheck iRadio Network is a 24/7 internet radio platform heard internationally through the internet, apps and Tunein radio. Our stations are also available at affiliate retailers and vendor locations.

Podcast selection criteria

We’re looking for podcasters with compelling content to join our network of broadcast stations and media professionals. Radio talent looking to expand their international audience or those new to broadcasting are invited to participate.  We’re looking for outgoing and energetic individuals that produce their own podcast radio program or want to learn and earn.

    • You must be able to produce and record your show and deliver it to us in either mp3 or .wav format.
      • We will assist you with affiliate setup
      • You will contact individuals, businesses, and organizations to arrange interviews for your podcasts.
      • You must provide us a playlist (with artist, title, album, label) of the music played within your podcast.
      • You can secure and include advertisers and / or sponsors within your program.
      • You maintain all legal rights to your content.
      • Explicit content is only accepted for radio station “The Cypher”
      • Program length can be either 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
      • Select the number of times (#PLAYS) you want your program to air
      • Select the frequency you want your program to air (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
      • Select the station(s) you want your program to air on:
        • Current station lineup:
          • The Soundcheck – (Today’s Hits)
          • The Groove – (Eclectic Jazz)
          • The Blast – Party Station (EDM, House)
          • Soundcheck Spiritual – (Religious)
          • The Cypher – (Rap)
          • Soul Hits – (Soul Classics)
          • Caribbean Vibes – (Reggae, Soca, Calypso)
          • Indy Hits – (Independent artist)
          • Womans World Radio – Female topics and music)

If you have questions contact us at or call (561) 334-2534

PROGRAM PRICING PER STATION – Contact us for multiple station pricing

#Plays 15 minute program 30 minute program 60 minute program
1 $29 $49 $89
2 $40 $79 $158
3 $75 $149 $298
4 $115 $230 $460
5 $150 $300 $600
6 $185 $370 $740
7 $220 $440 $880
8 $235 $470 $940
9 $250 $500 $1000
10 $275 $550 $1100

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