Paul Porter

PAUL PORTER – Radio and TV veteran Paul Porter was the Program Director at BET for 10 years, and is a major thought leader in the radio and music industry. Mr. Porter is the co-founder of music industry nonprofit, music and culture website, and is the Program Director at The Wire 98.5 in Orlando, FL. His book “Blackout” has been described as “an explosive look at the corruption running rampant in the music industry.” Mr. Porter has blown the lid off of the music industry’s corruption, the role of payola (an illegal practice that is commonly used in the music industry) in the industry, and about the death of radio. Mr. Porter’s book also “offers an inside account of how corporations killed Black radio and erased Black identity from mainstream Black music — and why Porter chose to fight back.”

Dr. David C. Hellman, D.O.

Ken Spellman interviews Dr. David C. Hellman at his Boynton Beach office between patients. Dr. Hellman explains how Prylosec OTC works, and the importance of colon cancer screenings. He also explains why some physicians don’t accept Medicaid and the rising cost of medicine. Call (561)733-2560 for an appointment with Dr. Hellman. Visit for more details.

Real Estate Show & Podcast

Soundcheck iRadio Network is launching a Real Estate radio show and podcast to be broadcast live from our Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida studios.  Show topics will include credit repair, financing, buying, selling, investing, residential, commercial.  This is a great opportunity for brokers, agents, contractors to sponsor or advertise their product or services.

To sponsor or advertise send an email to or call the office (561) 631-0891.

Social Media Followers – Real or Fake?

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Daily we get companies offering to increase the social media followers for our business and our clients. Before we select a company we want to know if the company and the new followers legitimate or fake. We also want to discuss social media etiquette.

Often we find ourselves tagged in a post without our permission. Are these posts designed to send our audience or followers to someone else’s business? I find that many social media and real estate related businesses will become a follower simply to advertise their product or service to our audiences.

In our upcoming live show we will discuss:

  • What does social media marketing entail?
  • How to determine if the company contacting you is legitimate?
  • How to determine if the followers are fake or real?
  • What should the cost be to increase your followers?
  • Tips to help you increase your followers.


Join the Soundcheck live show and chat so we can get your experiences and feedback.

Social media marketing entails marketing or trying to sell a product by advertising on social networking or social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and Instagram. Social media marketing revolves around creating original, free, content on the sites in order to generate buzz about a brand.

Prior to doing business with any SEO agency, ask if they have provided SEO solutions in your market, but most importantly, if they have examples or references they can give you. They should be happy to provide them, along with a process for how to reach your specific goals under specific timelines.

Don’t get ripped off